How to get pregnant with a boy: Choosing baby gender


How to get pregnant with a boy: Our grandmothers ate bananas in hopes of having a boy. Today, the methods for determining the sex of her child are always so many … and more or less reliable!

How to get pregnant with a boy: Choosing baby gender
How to get pregnant with a boy: Choosing baby gender

Everything is a matter of genetics and random …

The sex is determined by two chromosomes brought by the parents. The girls have a pair XX and XY males. Women can give the baby a future X chromosome, is the father of the chromosome that determines the sex of the baby. If the selected sperm carries the Y chromosome, the baby will be a boy. Moreover, conversely, if a sperm X.

At work!

Sperm X is slow and tight. Conversely, Y are fast but fragile. Consequently, those who wish to have a daughter numerous reports during the ten days following the rules. Then, do not to remove the Y sperm before ovulation. If you want a boy, abstinence during these ten days!Then you have the green light. It must indeed have the closest possible relationship of ovulation day to allow the Y sperm to arrive head. Unfortunately, the method is for those who have a 28-day cycle exactly.

For a boy, determine your ovulation date

You probably know a little boy is determined by a pair of XY chromosomes (unlike the girls are XX). The Y sperm is the fastest but also the most fragile. To increase the chances of having a boy, it is recommended to make love on the day of ovulation or within a few hours around this time. Thus, it is the Y sperm that will win the race to the egg (whereas X is slower but more durable). Clearly, it is necessary that you determine your ovulation date precisely. Easy if you are like clockwork, a little less if the length of your cycles varies from month to month!

How to get pregnant with a boy: Soda or Vinegar?

Doctors have shown that the X sperm was more active in an acidic environment while Y preferred a primary medium. They, therefore, advocate douching before the report. For a girl, it is made with a liter of water and two tablespoons of distilled vinegar. If you replace the vinegar with two tablespoons of baking soda is that you dream of a boy.

How to get pregnant with a boy: Little sudden fatigue?

Amateurs girls, at work! If the gentleman is tired, he is more likely to have a daughter. This is the opportunity of staying up late, playing sports and, why not, spring cleaning! By cons, candidates for a boy will heal their shape. The ideal is to have a report in the morning, when fresh as a roach!

What diet adopted to have a boy?

In the late 1970s, a Parisian gynecologist showed that the diet of the mother could influence the baby’s sex. Thus, to have a kid, it would follow a diet high in sodium and potassium. So the menu: savory dishes, sparkling mineral waters rich in sodium, meat, and fish, meats, dried fruit (figs, apricots, prunes ), potatoes, mushrooms, beans, candies, cakes Banish, however, dairy products ( yogurt, cheese), seafood, eggs, nuts (hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts, peanuts).

Beware! That says government says the risk of nutritional deficiencies. Always consult your gynecologist to balance your diet. This method is not magic. Indeed, it shows 87% success rate, but it must begin four months before procreation and strictly follow. Moreover, even, nature is full of surprises.

Having a boy, as a matter of position!

The Y sperm is faster; the idea is to facilitate their task by getting as close to their target, namely the egg. Clearly, deep penetration can promote the faster arrival of male sperm and therefore increase the chances of having a boy. Similarly, the presence of an orgasm in women is a good point, because, well, thanks to the contractions of the vagina, the sperm go back even faster.

How to get pregnant with a boy: Everything is already done!

For those who already have a child, our grandmothers believe that sex is already programmed next. Some clues to help you avoid the last-minute surprise? If the moon has turned just after the birth of your baby, the next will be the opposite sex. They also say that if the implementation of the child’s hair is in a circle in the neck, the next will be the contrary sex. By cons, if the base of the hair is straight, it is best to expect a baby of the same sex. Your child begins to speak? Open your ears! If he says “mama” First, the following will be a girl. It is the opposite if your child exclaims “Daddy.”

 How to get pregnant with a boy: Scam!

The vein proves lucrative. Some companies offer a design fee schedule … Beware! Society often disappears soon your check cashed. Needless to say, the results are not guaranteed.

Philosophize a little

Girl or boy, is it critical? What matters most is the joy of having a child. This is what also points the Bioethics Committee. It prohibits the use of methods of selection of sperm and artificial insemination (which exist and work quite well) by mere personal convenience. As for those who are desperate to know what color they will buy baby clothes, better ask the sex of her baby to the second ultrasound! It is safer!


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