How to conceive a girl


How to conceive a girl: Perhaps you had two boys and wanted the experience of having a daughter. You might have asked if there was any way to increase your chances of having a girl. Science comes back with a resounding “NO!”

How to conceive a girl
How to conceive a girl

However you made your girl, you’re about to find out how genes, DNA, and chromosomes worked together to create your baby girl and what scientists are learning about why your daughter is so different from your best friend’s son, beginning from the moment of conception.

If you’re curious to know why your friends and family are speaking you that girls are unique, read on!

How to conceive a girl : Gene Talk?

1. What is DNA?

The body is made up of different kinds of cells: liver cells, skin cells, and blood cells, to name a few. DNA is every cell’s set of instructions or blueprint. It tells the cell whether it’s going to help your little girl taste chocolate or help her do push-ups.

2. What are genes, anyway?

Genes are made up of the DNA. They are the instruction manual for your girl’s body. They tell her body how to develop and function. Genes determine whether your daughter will grow tall and slender like Uncle Fred or short and squat like Aunt Pearl. Your daughter’s genes determine whether she’ll have high blood pressure or a tendency toward diabetes. Your daughter has an estimated twenty-five thousand genes.

3. What’s a chromosome and where can you find one?

In the center of most of your body’s cells, you’ll find the nucleus or the cell’s command center. Within that nucleus are the chromosomes, the gene holders of your body. Chromosomes come in pairs, like shoes. We each have twenty-three pairs. When you and your partner created your daughter, you each gave her half of the set of twenty-three

4. What makes my girl a girl?

Blame it on the sex chromosomes, specifically two X chromosomes. Because all of Mom’s cells have two X chromosomes, her eggs will always pass on an X chromosome to her child, male or female. But Dad has two different sex chromosomes, the long and lean X chromosome and the rather puny Y chromosome. Half his sperm will carry an X chromosome, the other half a Y. Your daughter was created when an X-carrying sperm met up with Mom’s egg (always carrying an X chromosome). Human girls are XX.

How to conceive a girl
How to conceive a girl

Although your daughter’s X chromosomes are long and lean, containing up to fourteen hundred genes, she missed out on one important gene (important to guys, that is) that appears only on that stubby boy-making Y chromosome. It’s called SRY and it directs other genes on other chromosomes to get involved in making boy parts, starting off with the all-important testosterone-producing testicles.

Without the SRY gene, the collection of cells that became your daughter had no choice but to go on its default path—that of the female. Or so it’s long been thought. As scientists begin to unlock the secrets of the human genetic code, they are beginning to find evidence that there are ovary-determining genes on the X chromosome.

Without the influence of testosterone coming from a pair of testicles, your daughter’s early collection of cells is propelled down a path that is uniquely female.


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How to conceive a girl naturally : Guaranteeing a Girl

Depending on the myth, you should

How to conceive a girl
How to conceive a girl

• Eat lots of vegetables and fish; have chocolate for dessert
• Make love in the afternoon
• Make love on even numbered days
• Make love during the full moon
• Have the female partner initiate sex
• Be sure the male partner has an orgasm first
• Make sure your husband keeps his genitals warm by wearing close-fitting underwear and tight trousers
• Put a pink ribbon under your pillow and a wooden spoon under your bed


• All of these suggestions are myths.
• None has held up to scientific scrutiny.
• But the odds are pretty good no matter what you do—you have about a fifty-fifty chance of conceiving a girl!

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A Lot of Neural Mileage

Your daughter’s forty-six chromosomes contain so much information that if you wrote it all down, the data would fill a stack of books two hundred feet high! If you pulled the entire twisted DNA from a single cell and stretched it out, it would be as long as a car. If you stretched out all the DNA in a human body, it would stretch to the sun and back six hundred times!

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