How to conceive a boy: Useful Tips


How to conceive a boy: Useful Tips

Some couples who already have children, when planning a pregnancy, wish to have a second child of opposite sex to the first. However, they, unfortunately, find it difficult because science has not yet found 100% safe methods to determine the sex of the fetus. However, you will find on our blog, some practical tips that have given results to several couples and that will help you to realize your dream.

In older articles, we talked about methods that can be adopted by women who want to discover how to get pregnant from a girl, and how to get pregnant with twins. In this article, we will see how to get pregnant a boy with tricks that have been tried by women and that have yielded useful results.

How to conceive a boy: Useful Tips
How to conceive a boy: Useful Tips

How to get pregnant a boy by the diet?

Research reveals that the high-calorie diet during the baby testing period is one of the best tips to get pregnant a boy. This hypothesis is not confirmed scientifically, but you can always try it.

A diet rich in sodium and potassium: can it work?

According to Dr. Julien Lawrence, a gynecologist-obstetrician, women seeking to get pregnant from a boy should consume foods high in sodium and potassium to increase their chances of having male fetuses. On the other hand, to get pregnant a girl, they must consume more calcium and magnesium. However, be careful my ladies because you should never ban calcium and magnesium from your diet under the pretext of optimizing your chances of having a boy because these two minerals are essential for your body if you are programming a baby then must be avoided.

How to Get Pregnant

If you are looking to get pregnant with a boy, then you have to prepare before you make love to block the passage of spermatozoa that carry the X chromosome. Scientific studies have shown that the spermatozoa that carry the X ) prefer slightly more acidic environments than other spermatozoa. The essential media are not very favorable. So to block them, you are advised to do a vaginal shower with an alkaline solution before making love. The basic pH of the vagina will disadvantage the passage of the sperm that carries the X, and you go with this method to optimize your chances of getting pregnant a boy.

How to get pregnant with a boy by choosing the date of the report?

The spermatozoa that carry the Y chromosome are the most fragile, so they can not survive in the vagina for a long time. This is why it is important to know how to determine the date of ovulation and report the same day. It is also tolerated to say one day before ovulation, the spermatozoa carrying the Y chromosome can survive. However, the ideal is to do it during the expulsion of the oocyte because the male gametes carrying the Y are the fastest despite their fragility and can reach the oocyte first. By making a report on the same day of ovulation, a couple who seeks to get pregnant from a boy will have more chances to fulfill his wish.

How to get pregnant with a boy by consuming more cereals?

According to a study of 263 women who have reproductive programs, 71% of these women who regularly consume large quantities of grains have given birth to boys. You will not lose anything if you try to drink many bowls of cereal especially in breakfast, it is entirely possible that it works.

How to Get Pregnant with a Boy with the Pregnancy Miracle

the Pregnancy Miracle
the Pregnancy Miracle

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