Delay in menstruation: how do I know if I am pregnant?


Delay in menstruation: how do I know if I am pregnant?

You have a small delay of rules, and you ask yourself questions? You want to know as quickly as possible whether, yes or no, you are expecting a baby. In addition to delayed menstruation, some symptoms are often indicative of an ongoing pregnancy.

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Delay in menstruation: how do I know if I am pregnant?
Delay in menstruation: how do I know if I am pregnant?

When does a delay of rules become significant?

Naturally, this depends on your usual cycle. If this one is very regular, a delay of 4 or 5 days can already evoke the beginning of pregnancy. If on the contrary, your cycle is rather random, a small delay of rules is not especially worrying. Generally speaking, you can start asking questions after about ten days.

Delay of rules? Watch your temperature!

  • The temperature produced by the body is a sign that may be indicative of a possible pregnancy. The principle is simple: you just have to take your temperature every day at the same time (in the morning when waking is particularly recommended) and then scrupulously note the results to obtain a graphic curve.
  • If you find that your temperature is above 37 ° C and is stable for more than two weeks, there is a high probability that you will be pregnant. However, beware, do not rely entirely on this clue. Certain factors such as viral disease, chronic illness or transient fatigue can affect your temperature curve.

Your delay in menstruation is accompanied by mild breast pain?

Here is a revealing sign if any. When one is pregnant, the chest becomes very quickly more sensitive. It is visibly more swollen. This does not necessarily translate into sharp pain but rather a sense of discomfort and tension. These changes are easy to explain: the body is already beginning to prepare for possible breastfeeding.

Do you have nausea?

If your menstrual delay is accompanied by vomiting, a pregnancy may be in progress. As for the great morning sickness, note that not all moms-to-be are housed in the same name. Some will experience this symptom of pregnancy throughout the first trimester while others will be spared.

These primary symptoms of pregnancy add up to your delayed menstruation? Consult your gynecologist!

Taken separately, all these different symptoms can perfectly result from chronic fatigue, a hormonal upheaval, a cold or even a particularly intense stress. If they complement each other, it is hard to ignore the situation any longer! To be sure and to know without a doubt whether you are expecting a baby or not, consult your gynecologist or your doctor who will prescribe a blood test.

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