Optimize your chances of getting pregnant quickly


How to increase your chances of getting pregnant?

How to get pregnant? Alternatively, rather how DO NOT get pregnant, it goes, thank you, we see! This is what we could call the “PP” or “Paradox Pill”: the contraception revolution can sometimes give the illusion that a baby is when you want if you want. However, sometimes, when you want, it does not work … So, how to boost his fertility to make this baby finally …

How to increase your chances of getting pregnant?
How to increase your chances of getting pregnant?

Patience you will learn: know your chances of getting pregnant!

It is not enough to stop the pill to be pregnant: 2 couples out of 3 must wait six months before it works … Yes, in reality, a woman has only a 20% chance of getting pregnant with each cycle. This is why it is recommended to persevere for at least one year before consulting a doctor.

Your ovulation will determine

Let’s face it; we still do not master the subject very well ovulation: you must first ascertain the length of the cycle, that is to say, the period from the 1 st day of menstruation at 1 st day of menstruation following. It varies from woman to woman, about 25 to 35 days. Then, to find the day of ovulation, attention, it is necessary to count in reverse: one ovulates 12 to 14 days before the end of the cycle.

That is it, you have determined your D-day? To increase your chances of getting pregnant, the idea is to make love in the two days before ovulation. Why before? It is the time necessary for the spermatozoa (24 to 48H) to reach the ovum …
Be aware that there are other ways to determine her ovulation, such as temperature curve, cervical mucus observation, or pharmacy tests. You can consult family planning or your family doctor for more information.

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Love, often you will do

This is not a scoop, but as much to remember it! As we have seen, the period of fertility is short and variable according to women: making love often means maximizing the chances of getting pregnant!

To simplify the journey of the spermatozoa, some recommendations of common sense: do not defy gravity and privilege “classical” positions, like the missionary; after the love, banish the vaginal douches and stay elongated about 30 mn; some even advise the woman to “feet on the wall” or to raise the hips by a pillow, to give a boost to the spermatozoa … To be tested!

To smoke and drink you will abstain

Cigarette and alcohol, it is not top for health in general, and for fertility in particular! According to specialists, tobacco reduces the level of estrogen. As a result, a 35-year-old smoker has the same fertility as a 40-year-old non-smoker … so you will have to learn how to stop smoking before you even get pregnant!

As for the consumption of alcohol, it would disrupt the production of progesterone by the egg. Result: the nesting of the fertilized egg is more problematic, and the more frequent miscarriages …

The real resolution is to stop, at least three months before conception. Moreover, this also applies to the (future) Dad: tobacco and alcohol are harmful to the quality and vitality of spermatozoa. A child makes two; the proof is made!

Your weight will optimize

Extra pounds that minimize your chances of getting pregnant … However, pounds less! Indeed, to function perfectly and produce hormones, the female organism must have an adequate percentage of fat.

The term “maximum fertility weight” is used. Some examples, according to Nikki Bradford 1: the importance of fertility of a woman of 1m62 is about 55 to 66 kg; that of a woman of 1m68 is about 59 to 71 kg.

The good news is that this “maximum fertility weight” is higher than “healthy weight.” No draconian diet in perspective, so a healthy lifestyle should suffice!

This leads us directly to the next point!

A healthy life you will lead

Be careful; we are not telling you that it is necessary to become a kite-surfing champion to hope to get pregnant! However, a little regular exercise, such as swimming or walking, can promote your fertility: sport in moderation contributes to your physical and mental well-being, both important elements when you want to have a baby.

Also, a few months before conception, be more careful what you eat. It does not mean to put you on a diet! Just eat a little bit of everything, varied and balanced. It will allow you to naturally fill up with all the nutrients essential for female and male fertility: vitamins A, B6, B12, C, and E, as well as essential fatty acids, zinc, selenium, manganese, and iron. Moreover, then like that, you will be in great shape for pregnancy!

Towards alternative medicine, you will turn

Homeopathy, osteopathy, acupuncture, phytotherapy … So-called “soft” drugs cannot substitute for the techniques of medically assisted procreation. However, if you believe in their benefits, they can, at first, help regulate your biological functions and reduce any stress, detrimental to fertility.

Indeed, stress and fertility do not mix: according to a German study conducted on 2000 “infertile” couples, 25% were for emotional problems. This lack of fertility (irregular cycles, poor quality spermatozoa, decreased libido …) would be a “typical” response of the organism to a situation of insecurity, such as animals that produce little when they are in danger or captivity.

Morality: do not stress too much if the baby is waiting for a little! Laugh, move, live, hug … Moreover, do not focus too much on the advice above, it would risk your anxiety!

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