Best Diet ways to have a boy


Ways to have a boy : Change his diet during the baby test could influence the sex of the unborn … The rich in sodium and potassium diet Dr. Papa to increase her chances of having a boy seems to have proven itself. An update on the diet to follow to have a boy!

Best Diet ways to have a boy
Best Diet ways to have a boy

A recent British study published in the journal of the Royal Academy in London in April 2008 (Journal of Proceedings of the Royal Society) and conducted by researchers at Oxford University, has shown that the way a woman s ‘feeds have some impact on the sex of her child. Scientists studied data on 740 women who wear, who gave birth to their first child.

Ways to have a boy : feeding and baby gender are linked

It was already known that a healthy diet could boost fertility … Several studies have gone even further by showing that follow a particular diet for the baby tests could also influence the sex of the child. In 1977, Dr. Francois Papa, a gynecologist-obstetrician motherhood Port-Roya l, asked more than 200 women to follow a diet high in sodium / potassium if they dreamed of a boy or a diet high in calcium / magnesium if they wanted a girl. Result: 67% to 89% (average 77.6%) would have the child they wanted. This same experience has also been in Montreal by Dr. Lorrain, with 80% success rate on 224 pregnancies and in Paris by Professor Stolkowski, with 88% success rate of 60 pregnancies. However, we must still weigh these results and take into account the statistics of “natural birth” (without dieting or anything) that identify many years 51% of boys and 49% of girls born per year.

Ways to have a boy : foods to choose to increase his chances

Here, for information, the list of foods recommended by Dr. Papa during the baby test to increase his chances of having a boy:

Salt, tea, coffee, sodas, all fruit juices, soft rich mineral waters sodium (such as Vichy), all meat and fish, charcuterie, all fruits (but especially bananas , dates, apricots, oranges, peaches, cherries, chestnuts, prunes, dried apricots and figs), some vegetables (potatoes, mushrooms, artichokes, dried beans , lentils, peas), and to delight the gourmet, dark chocolate, sweets, desserts and cakes without milk.

Number of calories consumed

According to the results, most women consume calories when she becomes pregnant, the more chances of having a boy are high. For the data analysis, 56% of women who had a diet most calories had a boy.

A diet rich in potassium, calcium, and vitamins

According to these studies, women also increase their chances of having a boy with a rich supply of potassium in vitamins C, E and B12 and calcium.

Cereal consumption at breakfast

The study also shows that eating cereal for breakfast would be a good way to give birth to a boy.59% of women who participated in the study, and who eat at least one bowl of cereal every day had a boy.

The method of caffeine

Another method, complementary to the first is that of caffeine. More to excite the male sperm, the male partner can drink a large cup of coffee just before sex.

Having sex in the morning when the male partner is in great shape and still feels no fatigue, would be a way further increase the likelihood of being pregnant with a boy.

Ways to have a boy : the foods to avoid (or at banishing) to have more chances of having a boy

Here, an indication, the list of foods to avoid during the baby test to increase his chances of having a boy:

Milk (all forms), so dairy products and cheeses , mineral waters except Vichy water, shellfish , the egg entree, the wholemeal bread or salt, pastries milk or cream, nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts, almonds), all green salads (not chewy), raw sprouts, spinach, chocolate, mustard …

Ways to have a boy , rather binding …

Not easy to follow this diet for a boy can also be a health hazard and cause deficiencies. It is necessary to consult a doctor before starting such a scheme. In the new version of his method “Choose the Sex of Your Child ” ( Editions JC Lattes, February 2011 ), Dr. Papa warns mothers: “The regime must be strictly followed without deviation and under medical supervision This. Involves many constraints must start the diet at least two and half months before conception – with a contraceptive pill out. ” And we must follow this diet for the duration of baby tests, several months or even a year … As much time to dissect the content of your plates!

Complete nutrition

Finally, some believe that absorbing more calories than women the recommended daily average saw their chances increase. We must eat everything, have food as perfect as possible but watch out; it would apparently avoid milk which increases the chances of having a girl

Anyway, you finally have a girl or a boy, it will certainly be one of the finest moments of your life.

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