Am I pregnant?


Am I pregnant?

What are the first signs of pregnancy? When to do a pregnancy test? Answers and tips to start expecting a baby in confidence and safety.

Am I pregnant?
Am I pregnant?

The signs are unmistakable

If your menstrual cycle is regular, the first revealing sign is, of course, the absence of menstruation. Even if you are only five to ten days late, some unusual symptoms are quite characteristic. They manifest themselves with varying degrees of intensity.

Often, in the morning when you wake up, you are “smeared,” unable to eat at breakfast. You feel small stitches in the lower abdomen as if you were going to have your period. The urge to urinate is more frequent; your breasts can be more painful (especially on the sides), harder or bulkier. The areola, which surrounds the nipple, is darker and dotted with small tubercles.

Finally, you have all the time want to sleep. Of course, these signs alone do not constitute an exact certainty of pregnancy.

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When to do a pregnancy test?

In principle, from the first days of delay of menstruation (i.e., about two weeks after fertilization if your menstrual cycles are regular).

Tip: wait two to three days longer than the test indicates: the result will be more reliable. Moreover, you will not have bought it for anything!

It is best to do the pregnancy test on the morning urine while you are still fasting because the hormone level is more concentrated! Whether the test is done in the laboratory or at home, the principle is the same: it is a question of highlighting either a urinalysis or a blood test, a hormone that is present only during the Pregnancy: the great HGC.

The hormone of pregnancy or HCG (Chorionic hormone gonadotropin) can be detected quickly in the urine or the blood from the first days of delay. Its production begins at the moment of implantation of the embryo in the wall of the uterus, about seven days after the fertilization of the ovum by the spermatozoon. It is partly responsible for the nausea of the first weeks. The over-the-counter tests are in the form of a pen, a strip or stick to pass under the urine stream. You get the result after five minutes: the HGC antibodies present on the accessory react on contact with the hormone. If you are pregnant, a coloration appears, usually in the form of a control band. ”

Appointment with the gynecologist

Is the test positive? Congratulations! All you have to do is make an appointment with your gynecologist for your first prenatal visit. From the first days of delay, your gynecologist will find that the uterus has already changed its consistency (it is a little softer) and that it has acquired a small volume, especially if it is not Your first baby. It will also observe the particular lilac color of the cervix.

The next step is to choose (quickly!) Your maternity and make an appointment (if your gynecologist is not the one who will give birth) with the doctor who will follow you.

What to Change Right Now

If you smoke, it is better to stop: the nicotine crosses the placenta. The tobacco is particularly responsible for weight gain retardation in the baby. If you are unable to stop, it is worthwhile to get help (refer to a smoking cessation consultation). Alcohol is also severely canceled: even at a small dose, it is known today that it alters the brain development of the child. Finally, pay attention to taking medicines: many of them are contraindicated during this period. Always ask your doctor.

If not, live generally. The sexuality must continue, even differently during pregnancy. Continue to practice sports if you practice one, except for impact sports or at risk of falling (tennis, skiing, horseback riding …). Finally, listen to your body: it may be that you feel tired by the hormonal upheavals of the first months: it is time to indulge in the pleasures of the siesta!

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